Final Outcome for Pamphlet

For this project, I have decided to generate a plague pamphlet using red, blue arcylic. This piece is quite good as it looks professional and detailed. However, I need to work on my pamphlet as I need to add pages. I will use red, blue coloured card to connect it into this piece. Why is … Continue reading Final Outcome for Pamphlet


Final outcome for – Banner 2

This banner is quite effective as it looks creative.This poster helped me to come up with some ideas for this project.I have learnt to design this poster into a large banner using one sheet of paper.This piece is quite successful and works well with the message of Sylvia Pankhurst. This piece shows a pink background … Continue reading Final outcome for – Banner 2

Final Outcome – Banners 1

This is one of my posters which have been developed into a large A1 Banner.The banner has been generated into my own style and medium.This poster was my teachers suggestion to design it into a banner.This piece is quite successful as it looks simple and simplicity is the key in Graphic Design. The type is … Continue reading Final Outcome – Banners 1

Development for Final Outcomes

This piece will be developed for my Riso Posters, this piece was useful to create as one of my Riso posters can developed into a banner. However, this piece works better as a poster as the poster can be used ad development and for my box. I have learnt to work with different mediums in … Continue reading Development for Final Outcomes

Development for Final outcomes

This art work is quite creative as it has lots of detailed repeated wallpaper designs but this piece will be developed into a better wallpaper design as the pattern is cropped and does not look like a wallpaper design. In addition, I have changed the colour into    a pink light background instead of white. … Continue reading Development for Final outcomes

Development on Final outcomes

For this project, I have decided to generate some effective posters.This poster will be developed into my banner using a light pink background.The pink light works well as the paper makes the design stand out. The design using Adobe Illustrator shows my new style as I have learnt to work with image making. This piece … Continue reading Development on Final outcomes

Development of final outcomes

This final outcome shows good development.I  will convert this drawing into one my plague using a blue acrylic.The machine will print on blue acrylic which will have this illustration below. I will use different colours for my plague and convert it into a Phamplet. I will try to use this illustration for my posters and … Continue reading Development of final outcomes

Research on Illustration/Graphics on Itsnicethat

This research is quite effective as I was inspired by the colours.The typography of these pages are quite playful and simple.I have learnt to work with type using hand drawn typefaces.I have learnt this from this page. In my opinion, this page is quite useful as I have gained inspiration in terms of collage making … Continue reading Research on Illustration/Graphics on Itsnicethat

Research on Mary Barnes

I found this research on Mary Barnes quite good as my first idea was to focus on Mary Barnes. This is because her art work is very colourful .This element of nature has given me inspiration and ideas for this project. However, I will develop Indian women Sylvia Pankhurst as this idea develops better and … Continue reading Research on Mary Barnes