Typography Mark Making Workshop – with Tom and Christopher-Week 4 Summer Show Project

My work-shop was quite successful as I have learnt to work with image and type.I enjoyed my work-shop as I have designed lots of posters which seem very interesting and detailed.Using Mark making and type, I have found out that this work-shop was successful as I will design posters and postcard for my Summer Show project which will link to Mark Making and type. Additionally,I found out from my class mates that I have a lot of interesting work which could be developed further into this method.I have decided to use these sort of mediums for my project like ink and patterns. However, at the beginning of this work-shop,I wasn’t able to design good posters but I have improved by looking at my class mates work.I found this work-shop useful as I have learnt to be productive and to develop compositions with text and image. I have learnt to work as a small group and finally my class mates told me that my art is very inspiring as it had lots of different textures. Using my illustrations and the type which we were given, these two element of image and type worked really well.

(These are some posters below which I have designed:)20171019_225846_preview.jpeg


20171019_225808 (1)_preview.jpeg




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