Research on the Uxbridge Archive

I have been to the Uxbridge Archive which was a great experience.I have gained knowledge to look at maps and the regeneration of Southall. I got a map of Southall which was from the Uxbridge Archive.The map has given me inspiration and ideas to make my own map. My idea will be to design a map of Southall in the end of the project. However, I need to that as soon as possible.

What have I learnt from the Archive?

  • I have looked at the different past places of Southall which I found                 useful and I have learnt a lots about Southall in 1894.
  • The places were totally different as they seem very detailed
  • I drewed my own drawings into the style of the imagery which I got                  from the Archive
  • I found it very useful to look photographs and change some of the drawings into my own style and medium.

(Below is my research)

DSC00246 (1).jpg


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