Research on the Historical content of the “Derive”

(Research on Guy Debord:)
Theory of the Derive was generated in 1956 by Guy Debord.
In 1957, Northern Italy, Guy Debord, alongside a group of avant-garde artists, political theorists and writers, founded the Situationist International, a European collective that saw themselves not as a political movement, but one that was ‘invested in the construction of moments of life’. It was during this time that Debord coined the term derivé, a psychogeographical notion, translated literally as ‘drift’, meaning to wander through the city, being ‘simply pulled by the attractions and repulsed by things that are ugly and hateful.

The derive is like a journey which could be unplanned, the derive can be a journey to a landscape and when you go to a Derive,you make lots of attractions,interactions to people and you find the specific mood of your journey feel excited or sad.It is definitely important that on a Derive, you go with 2-3 people as this is which Debord thinks.e.g small groups have the same awareness of the journey.

As small have more interactions and have a better conclusion to interact with different people.The Derive was a critical tool for understanding and developing the theory of Psychogeography, on a Derive you have different emotions and feelings.Your mood could change, anything could happen e.g. a incident with someone or anything positive.The Derive has positive sides as you feel better to visit new places/locations,there are so many things which you see on a Derive e.g shops, supermarkets,people,animals,buildings,plants and many other things.

(Own Reflective points:)
My visit to Brick-lane and Liver pool street was really effective as I saw the different buildings and I did a lot of drawings and I had connections with people. I found this visit good as this was visit was my first Derive experience.I enjoyed to go to the different locations and places as I found this useful. I like the different coloured buildings of Brick-lane as they had a great bold, old architecture.Also,I found this visit useful as I have learnt to draw people and buildings and now my drawings have improved e.g. they are in proportion and in a artistic


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