Research on “Mass Observation”

Mass-Observation was a United Kingdom social research organisation as this was founded in 1937. Their work ended in the mid of 1960s but was revived in 1981. Mass-observation was to record everyday life inBritain. Around 500 untrained volunteers observed the different locations of London and they had their diaries and questions ready. Mostly, they interacted with different people and recorded different conversations. The creators of Mass-Observation project were anthropologist, poet Charles Madge and filmmaker Humphrey Jennings.Mass-Observation develops out of anthropology, psychology, and the sciences.On February the 12th, thirty volunteers kept separate diaries which Mass Observation called day-surveys. They were designed to collect a mass of data without any principle and the experiment was repeated monthly.

On January 1938, Mass-Observation had collected seventeen hundred and thirty day-surveys, for a total of 2.3 million words. Madge toke charge of the day surveys. Harrison returned to Bolton to continue his up-close study of working-class life and Jennings was responsible for presenting results Socially, Mass production refers to characteristic of organisms as this is applied to populations of humans and animals

The original Mass Observation was produced from the Archive in 1981,through the press,television and radio. Mass Observation was published by the press,television and radio.New volunteers in London were recruited from all over Britain.The Mass Observation project collected material from all over Britain e.g. the material was in relation to everydaylife and this was collected from a diary.

Own Reflective point:
I found this research useful as I have learnt the historical content of Mass Observation.I have learnt that when you observe, you can have a small diary and collect reference material.I found this useful as this method can help me to go to Brick-lane and observe the location and look if people can make attract with me.I think,this research has given me ideas and a brief action plan for my visit to brick-lane and liver pool street.


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