(Visual Basic on Graphik Net)

-Quote of the website – There’s an argument that real creative freedom comes from simplicity – never mind involved processes and cutting edge technology – sometimes it’s about the hand, the eye and spontaneity.

Author of new book ‘Artless’ Amandas Ong explains.Over the last few years,Designers have been using digital and traditional techniques and now there is a combination of both. They have been using the joyful tools.Most designers go to different places to observe the place society.

Every designer has a specific style and this is the key! My specific style is using mexed media,like coloured pencil as other designers use every mediums and they try different techniques. Every art piece communicates a specific main message and shows a mood of colour. I have found it good to look again at the basics of art techniques as now I do know what to do for my outcome.The Graphik net website is good as it gives a lot of information is relation to graphics and art and it talks a lot about simplicity and making the outcome nice as possible.It shows a range of different typgraphy elements and makes me inspiring.


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