Visit to Bishopsgate Institute Photos and Historical content from the archive

Historical content of the Bishops Institute

Bishopsgate Institute is a cultural institute in the City of London,
located on Bishopsgate, near Liverpool Street station and Spitalfields
market. The Institute was constructed in 1895. It offers a cultural events
programme, courses for adults, historic library and archive collections
and community programmes.

Bishops Institute had opened their doors on New Year’s Day in 1895. Bishops gate Institute is a hub for culture and learning. The original
reasons for opening the Institute were to provide a public library, public
there is a hall and some meeting rooms for people living and working in the City of London. Bishops Institute is mainly open for library access and also for exhibitions. Bishopsgate Institute was built using funds from charitable endowments made to the parish of St Botolph without Bishopsgate.
These has been collected by the parish for over 500 years.

Townsend’s reputation today is based not only on Bishopsgate Institute but also his other major London public buildings, Whitechapel Art Gallery (1901) and the Horniman Museum (1901).In the past years Bishopsgate has undergone several refurnished schemes.

Bishopsgate Library holds a variety of collections relating to the social and cultural history of London. These include the archive collections of individuals, such as historian Raphael Samuel, police officer Frederick Wensley or Lord Mayor Sir Ralph Perring, and organisations, such as the London History Workshop or the Eton Manor Boys’ Club.

The Library also holds a collection of around 50,000 books, pamphlets, illustrations, photographs and maps covering the social and cultural history of London,it has a lot of reference to Bishopsgate and Spitalfields.

What is Bishopsgate for?
It is a great place to host an event at Bishopsgate Institute as it is a great venue to host conferences, meetings, workshops and a wide range of events.
My experience to Bishopsgate?
I have been to the library where I toke images of different archives and I found this useful as I have learnt to see the original imagery’s of the Rag Trades.I looked at the Rag Trades as know I have a better idea in relation to the shops,markets and people of Petticoat Lane.I know how everything has changed and this helped me to look at the specific detail of the markets which were produced many years ago.I know now how to draw the markets and shops as I have a clear vision in relation to the Rag Trades. Also,the photos were very detailed and I found this useful as my plan was to trace of the photos and draw them onto my own style and technique.
What does Bishopsgate have?
Bishopsgate Library holds a variety of collections relating to LGBT history, politics and culture. These include the archive collections of organisations such as Stonewall and Outrage, and material relating to the Terrence Higgins Trust, Achilles Heel magazine and QX magazine.


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