Research Paul Gangloff:

Paul is a Graphic Designer who designs brands for all sorts of companies and institutions. His work is clean and confident and as a result he worked for several companies/studio’s including Established NYC and Herburg Weiland.Axel has a range of different clients which are called Fujitsu ,Audi ,Greenpeace ,Moma ,Reebok and many others.I like the way he used typography as choosing the right typeface is not my strength. Often,he used serif typefaces which are very simple. He used simple colour palettes which show simplicity as he has used more than one font.When becoming a Graphic Designers you sometimes want to use more that one font as it makes the outcome better.Axel went to a school of architecture and now he works on several different projects. I found Axel Peemoller useful because he has some extremely good typgraphy graphic work and I am not good in choosing typfaces, this research was good as now I have more ideas in relation to typfaces.This research is useful as I have experimented with typefaces on Axel’s style.


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