(Research on Wolfgang Tillmans)

Wolfgang Tillmans was born in 1968 as was the first German fine-art photographer. His diverse body of work is distinguished by observation and the things which are in everyday life. He was also the first Photographer who recieved a award by the (Tate annual Turner Prize).Tillmans was casually known as a Fashion poirtrait Photographer. Most of his work,capture people who are gay.I found this research useful as I have learnt a lot about this Photographer,especially I didn’t know that Tillmans was the first Photographer Also,I liked his work because it is special e.g.Wolfgang was the first Photographer and I found this ecradible cool I like his work especially the black and white Photography as Wolfgang was the first person who produced imagery so I think it was useful to find out who the first person was and how Photography has developed.I think,now Photography is the future.We need to use photos as that’s like magic. .


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