Research on Tony ray Jones

Tony Ray-Jones was born on the 7th of June in 1941. He was an influential British post-war photographer. In England, there was hold an exhibition of photography work which was in relation to Tony ray Jones. The exhibition was hold in 2013-2014 at the Science Museum. Tony Ray-Jones had a short life. He died in 1972 aged just thirty. But the pictures that he left behind are some of the most powerful British photographs of the twentieth century.Tony was not only taking pictures,he was capturing thecreative processs. On that obviously,everything was black an white but he had a creative style of photography.Quote of the research“Ray-Jones was keen to make ‘new’ photographs of English life, which did not read simply as documentary, but also as art objects.”I found Tony ray Jones research useful as I have learnt the history of his work and I looked at his interesting photography on the web which was very useful to see e.g. I could use similar photography for my art work.


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