(Research on the History of the Rag Trade)

The Rag Trade is the most famous Market based in Petticoat Lane.It is orginally called Pettocoat Lane but before it was called Peticote Lane.The area around Pettcocoat was decimated by the great Plague in 1665 where London had fifith of its entire population.Nowdays the market has a good reputation as they sell items like leather jackets,specically they sell these items in Aldgate East End, whereas the rest of the market is largely given over to bargain clothing. A large selection of fashion items are always on sale as their prices are knocked down,specifically there are almost a thousand of stalls in the Market where the prices of the products are knocked down.Other items such as bric-a-brac, like electrical good and shoes are also readily available, there are shops where they sell products like highly coloured African and Asian fabrics. The area of the East Endis is known as the Spitalfields as this place has been the home of clothing manifcaturing businesses (often referred to as the Rag Trade”) The Rag Trade has been made for over 250 years.The Rag Trade has now been a strong area ever since.The people who started the Rag Trade where from France,specifically most things was clothing which were weaved.The people who made the clothes were called Huguenots as those people were very talented to generate clothing. The businesses for the Rag Trade boomed and became successful. In the nineteenth century the weavers left their jobs ,specifically because of the employment restrictions and mechanisations. Finally,the properties started to fall into disrepair.The population started to become poor and people couldn’t afford a bed and they ended up to sleep on the streets.Most of the properties became dirty and everything got covered with flea-ridden. A large community of Jews who landed in England where about to make their way to America.However, about 120,000 stayed in this country.They started to make their living cheap ,most people made their financial living in Spitalfield whereas now many people work for the Rag Trade.


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