Research on Paula Bulling

Paula Bulling is a Illustrator where many people wish to have her style. She produced a range of different paintings which include people, restaurants and bedrooms.Many of her drawings are so natural as they almost look delicately torn out from her sketchbook and they are directly posted on her website. The art work which she produced looks very colourful and detailed. She generates a range of water-colour paintings which have usually have people and I am inspired by her art work as it looks very vibrant and colourful.Her portfolio has different outcomes which show drawings as they are quick sketches. I think,for my thumbnail sketches, I need to do a range of different drawings which are very quick as quick drawings show a different effect and this is which I have learned from Paula Buller.Her art work looks very colourful and my drawings are mostly very colourful. I have found Paula’s work useful to research as her work has given me inspiration and confident to draw people and buildings.I like the different quick drawings which Paula has generated as this has given me ideas to draw people and buildings into a new form, technique and concept.I like the way Paula has used the different mediumsas I found this good in terms of colour and design


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