Research on Pau Gasol’s Research

Pau Gasol is based in Barcelona and he is a Illustrator.By going to different locations/places,Pau has learned to draw different aspects of cities and small places like buildings or people.He mostly uses water-colour and coloured pencil which allows him to work with shade and detail. Through his sketches and bold use of colour,he illustrates a mood and atmosphere rather than just a observation.His quick style is full of mixedcolours which suit well with each other as the colours are subtle and some are dark. He uses a range of different colours which have a different effect.The way he draws people and buildings seem very interesting as all of his drawings are quick sketches. Some of his drawings are line drawings and other are just mark-making. He mostly draws those people who are related to him or he visits a range of different places where he just draws strangers. The medium which he used for his work is coloured pencil and water-colour which seems mixed and blended.I found it useful to research Pau Gasol because I like the different colours and patterns of his work as this would help me to design some interesting final outcomes e.g. the final outcome could be a textile piece and this is the reason why I like Pau Gasols’s work. Also,I found his work good as he used simple,bold colours which show harmonious textures and detailed illustrations.


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