Research on Matthew Booker:

Mathew Booker is a Illustrator who usually generates lino- cuts and prints in public spaces.Mostly, he finds ideas for his art work by going to public spaces.He captures the energy of people’s behaviour in all sorts of scenarios where mostly he observes the things which other people are do.He travels to different locations/places as he finds inspiration through everyday life.His work is usually based of people as I like the way he used the black and white colour.I like the way he also used the detail as the art work still looks simple.I found his art work very inspiring as he used a lot of different techniques e.g. mark making and little detailed colours.I found the shape of people inspiring as they looks very naive and childish.Also,the medium which he used has a interesting process as he used water colour,ink,pastel and collage. I have used the same process as now I need to work harder to produce my final booklet into a better outcome.I found the little detail on top of the drawing effective as he used a very simple colour palette for each drawing.

I found Mathew Booker’s research useful because he has used different mediums for his outcome.I found his specific style of illustration useful to see as I have done some extremely interesting illustration which can be found in my sketchbook.I have used simliar colours and scross hatching techniques.I have used a black fine-liner which some lines which depict Mathew Booker’s style. I found his colours effective and I think it was good to research Mathew Bookers because he has given me inspiration and ideas for my drawings e.g.the technique, medium and style of the drawings which he used in his work.


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