Research on Martin Parr

Martin Parr was born on the 23th of May in 1952. He is a British documentary photographer,photojournalist and photobook collector. His photographs usually help us to see a unique perspective of the world. His photographs seem exaggerated or even grotesque.The motifs/ patterns in his work look very strange.Also,the colours which he used in his work look very garish.The perspective of his photographys looks very unusual. His images communicate a specific message as they are original and enternaining, accemble and understandable. In the same way, the images show how we live,how we present ourselves to other and what we value. Leisure,concumption and communication are the concepts that this Martin has been researching for several visits to different places.Martin sees things that are familiar to us in a completely new way In this way he creates his own image of society,which allows us to combine an analyse of the visible signs. I found Martin Parr work effective as it communicates a different style where as I always want to make my art work the best and I always try the best to make my arts perfect as Martin’s work looks unusual.I think,this research was good and useful as I have learnt a lot about Martin’s historical facts.


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