Research on Larry Clark

Larry was born on the 19th of January in 1943. He was an American film director,photographer,writer and film producer.His mother was a baby Photographer as then he picked up the family business at an early age. He was best known for his provocative works about teenagers,within drugs and sex.Larry became famous when he worked at Tulsa as Tulsa is a foundation.He employees there in Tulsa where did a lot of free- lancing. Clark also worked on an independent documentary project in Tulsa, recording himself and his teenage friends, who were involved in a culture of drug addiction, uncontrolled sexuality, and violence. Clark was able to invest his images with a powerful immediacy. The photographs were published in 1971 as Tulsa, a book that established Clark’s national reputation.I found this research really interesting as I have found out some reallygood facts in relation to Larry’s background.I like the Photography of Larry’s work as it was useful to see.


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