Research on Jeremy Freedman:

Specifically,Jeremy was a Photographer and mostly he used to photograph poitraits.His photography images were very classical as they were black and white. (Quote of his text:) “It was apparent that if I didn’t stop taking photographs and do something, this shul would close, so I joined the board, and I came up with ideas, and got my father involved too, as treasurer. I brought fresh blood and, in turn, this attracted other younger dynamic people. ” He spents a lot of time in Spitalfield where he does a lot of Photograpy, especially old people classical peopleI found his work quite good as he used a lot of black and white images which I prefer to use for my final outcome. I like the colour black as this would really work for my Lino work-shop.I think,the colour black and white looks very professional and distinctive e.g the simplicity.I found his photography elements quite useful to research as he used some really interesting large photos which have given me inspiration for my outcome.e.g on Jeremy’s work,there is only one large photo used which makes me think to design and apply the same technique


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