Research on Illustrator Marina Pcheliakova’s

Marina is a Russian Illustrator who is currently a student at Moscow State University of Printing Arts and she is already developing interesing drawing style. She mostly used mediums like paint and pencil where she then converts them digitally.In her illustrations,you can see bold colours which work really well throughout her style. She produced long-limbed characters with small faces and most of her art work relates to people and buildings.There is a great sense of foreground and background in her art work as there are busy characters involved and less defined tress and objects. In other projects,she designs novels visually where she equally draws illustrations which have more texture to her crowded scenes.I found her art work useful to see and I have found out that illustrations of people can be drawn differently e.g maybe out of proportion and into a new style.I found this research good as I know now that people can be drawn into a different style,medium,shape and concept


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