Research on Graphik Net : Ale+Hearty:

This studio is very experimental as they produced a range of different typeface that are playful and show movement into a specific art form. Their theme was “Beer”and they hosted a event with Graphik as then they decided to choose the theme Beer because most Designers love Beer! Many designers on that day saw different typographical elements which were digital and hand drawn e.g.they had and posters. Own thoughts and opinion: I found the Ale+Hearty quite useful as now I know that I have to produce a art work very simple and creative.I struggled with typography as this website helped me tchoose the right typeface.I am going to do somescreen-printing as this website was useful to research.My plan is tomaybe copy some of the tyepaces as this really would help me for myfinal outcome and experiments, this website is inspirational in terms ofthe concepts and techniques. Also,this website is good in terms of typography and layoutI found out that they experiment with a range ofdifferent fonts which show different layouts and experiments.One thing which I have noticed was to make the art work as simple as possible as this is the key in Graphic Design.They have a clean, neat and simple logo design which relate to the topic Beer as the logo’s aren’t busy.


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