Research on George Butler

Research on George Butler: George was an artist and Illustrator who specialist in travel and current affairs.His drawing were produced in ink,pen and water-colour.In August 2012,George walked from Turkey across the border into Syria where he spent four days there to draw civil war and the town. 6 months later he made a similar trip back to Syria to record stories amongst the refugees.These drawings were produced by the Times,the Guardian,Evening Standard,Der Spiegel,ARD television Germany, NPR (USA) and reported on the BBC World News, BBC World Service, CNN twice, Al Arabiya and Monocle Radio. I found his research quite useful because I saw George using the different medium as I have used simliar mediums for my drawings and this is how I got inspired.I also found his research good as he used really colourful drawings which I found reallydistinctive and interesting e.g.the way the drawings are layered and used into the different mediums. He has done some really quick drawings which are very simple as they are line drawings used with blended water colour.I like the colour as they have a different effect and style


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