Research on Dryden Goodwin

Dryden Goodwin did a range of different drawings,film, installation, photography,etchings,sound tracks,work in public space and on-line.Goodwins practise involves close observation of individuals and groups.In recent projects,Goodwin has been doing drawings on poirtraits to fully descibe a detail and lines.He looks at time and experience where every each drawing has been specifically produced at a certail time .This is which I need to do for my project,I need to look at time and a moment e.g people are moving very each time,some things are changed each time,architectural buildings change and move around.Gooodwin is interested in developing things that have a phisical surface,emotional and psychological structures I found his work quite good as it looks different from other people’s work.I like the way he used cross- hatching techniques as this reminds me of my art work.Also,I like the way he used lines and shadow as this is was useful to see because now I can apply the same technique and method e.g.I will use shadow and cross-hatching.


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