Research on Corinne Day

Corrine was born in 1965, Corinne Day was a self-taught fashion photographer. Day worked as a catalogue model before deciding on photography.”She had a passion is drawings poirtrats e.g she used to draw her grandmother. She was living in LA when she began taking pictures of her struggling colleagues.(Quote:)“Day was inspired by must. “It brings atmospheres alive,” she once said. “I really believe you have to have time off to be creative, which is why I don’t have a darkroom. If I did have one I’ spend my whole life revolving around photography, and then Iwouldn’t get any inspiration to take pictures.”I found her work good to research as my knowledge about Day has increased.I have learnt new thinks about her life and photography. I have learnt how day has used photography as this was useful to see because I have seen the simplicity of the images and techniques.


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