Research on Author and Reporter project 2 – Rachel Lichtenstein

Research on Rachel Lichtenstein

Rachel Lichtenstein trained as a sculptor where her work has been exhibited widely,this includes the White Chapel Gallery, British Library, Barbican Art Gallery,Woodstreet Galleries.She holds a lot of multi-media exhibitions literacy salons and literacy festivals.Her work is published a number of different national prints and broadcast media.

Rachel designed her first book Rodinsky’s Room in 1999 which was co written with Lain Sinclair.The book began to show a compelling psycho-geographical adventure. I found Rachel Lichtenstein’s work useful because her work gave me inspiration to design some interesting  buildings. I like her work because she used a range of different mediums which I need to use for my outcome. Additionally,I found her art work useful because she used really bold colours as I have produced some interesting buildings which have vibrant bold colour as her work gave me some ideas.I looked at some of her art work where she used a simple typegraphy which is hand drawn and this indentifies my typeface style.I think,it was good to research her because she has some good ideas in relation to Illustration and I could easily try to copy her style by using the same colours,techniques and mediums.


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