Hot-House talk Rosy Mordin

Rosy is a free-lance Graphic Designer who designs self directed projects.She works in a number of 3 groups.She designs a lot of interesting art work which looks distinctive and simple.She also designs self published books which are a commission in the Tate Modern.Additionally,she designs a lot of zane’s and books.

What did I learn today?

  • I looked at her art work as it was very creative and now I think I have an idea to generate my own books into Rose’s style.
  • I found the colour combinations of her books interesting as they had simple shapes and now I thought to use shapes and different colours for my book.

Why did I find this Hot House talk useful?

  • I found this session useful as Rose was telling me that there is a book binding work-shop every Saturday as this is very useful for me as I need to attend this work-shop.

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