Week 16-Collection Brief – The Book, The Contents, The Edit

I found Alan Fletcher’s style useful to research because he has used a specific Graphics style for this book as this is which I need to do for my book e.g.I need to experiment with different techniques and mediums.I need to work on Typography and layout as I found it inspirational to look at Alan Fletcher’s art work.Also,I looked at some books which were very colourful and had a bold front cover which will give me ideas in relation to my final book.I looked at bad layout and good layout as these tasks were useful to see e.g. in terms of the good layouts and concepts of a book

(The things which I saw in his work)

  • he has blown the typography and made the typeface eye-catching and interesting
  • Alan has used collages and eye-catching text
  • he has used different mediums and techniques
  • he has used different colours
  • he has used more than one typeface
  • he has made his work very organised and percised

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