Author Reporter 2016/2017-Peer Tutorial Form and task:

On this session,I had a lot of feedback which was in relation to my chosen topic for this project.I got some great feedback from Sher as she was mentioning to focus on one topic.The first topic was in relation to Liver Pool Street and the second topic was about Brick-lane. The third topic was in relation to the Rag Trade as now I need to research the history of Rag Trade and find similar examples for this project.My chosen topic is the Rag Trade as this idea is very effective and distinctive.

Sher was telling me to look at

  • textiles shops
  • look at artists and designers who do sewing
  • experiment with different techniques and mediums
  • do a lot of research which is asked in the brief

Things which I have learnt and discussed

  • I have learnt to come up with a stronger idea
  • I have gathered more information in relation to my chosen topic
  • I have more knowledge now for my Rag Trade topic
  • I know now what to research

My feedback to Christa:

She needs to research more designers and come up with a good idea for this project.Also,she needs to work with different mediums and experiment with different techniques.I think her idea is strong but needs to be developed into a unique idea. Christa also has to finish off her work-shops tasks as I saw her sketchbook and she needs to do more.

The things which I told her:

  • She needs to work on her ideas
  • Her ideas are good but need to be expanded
  • Her art work looks very illustrative
  • She needs to complete her work-shop task.



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