Week 15 Collection Brief

In these session Fig Taylor gave a talk,the talk was about building a professional portfolio.Specifically,the portfolio is the key when your at uni. She also mentioned that a distinctive style is the key when you become a Illustrator.When you become a Graphic Designer you don’t need a specific style as I didn’t know that.Also,when you become a Graphic Designer you could have 2-3 styles.There is lots of work when you become a Practitioner. The ideas need to be distinctive and eye-catching and need to communicate the right message.

What is a good Portfolio?-This is which Fig Taylor said!

  • There shouldn’t be any blank page
  • The pages need to be mounted nicely
  • Finished Illustration or Graphic Work
  • Art work needs to be clean
  • Take out things which aren’t my best work
  • things that are unenjoyable
  • things that are undeliverable
  • Put good text in
  • Put relevant work in
  • Chronological order
  • Protect my work
  • Pay attention to the background
  • use common sense and mount on white background
  • mount professionally

To be honest,I think I knew’d some of these things before but now I know what to do for my book.I know that I have to present it nicely and this is which I have learnt from Fig.Also, I know that I need to take some of my least best work out and put the good work in.

I have learnt how to work with In Design and my action plan is to produce a book very professionally and relevant.I need to decide how to put everything in Chronologic order so this is my small plan.


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