Own Reflection-Week 14

I found it useful to research Kate Moross as her art work was inspirational e.g.the layout was a chaos but her style works and makes me think to work in a chaos.I would like to use different typefaces and colours as her style gave me some ideas.I always use a single colour where I need to be more spontaneous and creative.My book has to look professional and maybe it can include some detail like Kate Moross’s work.I think,her typography style was quite inspiring as she used more than one typeface.I need to experiment with different typefaces and colours.Kate Moross has her own studio where does a lot of advertising as this is my future plan.I think,her ideas are strong as each of her art work looks distinctive. She used a really interesting layout where each typeface is coloured and is positioned onto different places.I need to focus onto this sort of style,she used a range of different mediums as this is which I need to explore.

Responds of Kate Moross: My question was :what sort of programmes do you use,when you do your typefaces or art work? She said:I draw my typefaces and I colour them in on Photo-shop.Mostly,I draw my art work and then I colour them in on Photo-shop.


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