Workshop Riso/imageprep/artist books


This piece is quite interesting as it shows different shapes of card using the image.Everything looks like it is framed into one image but the fact is that the shapes are joined.Additionally,the image has inspired me to produce something similar terms of image making and concept of ideas.The white lines look as a numerous of different shapes cut out as they are layered on top of the image.I like the black and white colour as it suits really well with the white cut out lines.It makes it look attractive and the image grabs attention.screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-20-41-27

My research from 3 books was great as I looked at the design,colour,texture,material and text.The first book is produced by Flynn Danny and the title of the book is called “The Bed and it Collapsed.


The book was generated in 1991 and that book was designed from card. The text was produced by the colour red as it shows a ordinary font.The story of the book depicts a poem,the illustration shows a naive,childish style and the story is designed for children.

The key elements which I learnt in the workshop: This work-shop was really inspirational as I looked at the different techniques of the book.

I looked at the design process of the book,especially the sequential imagery shows a narrative form of the book.

  • I have learnt how to analyse a book.
  • I have learnt how to describe the media,techniques of the book.
  • I have learnt how to find key facts about the book e.g. who made the book

The second book was called Identity,Construction and Equivalent.This book had a lot of photography elements as this book shows a Gallery collection.The book was produced in 1990 and generated by Chris Jennings.The book had a range of different cut-outs which shows a really good method because of the different shapes and colours.The book has a lot of tracing paper which works really well with the pages.The pages are very neat and really well presented,especially because of the black and white colour.

P1100669 - Copy.JPG

The name of the book is called “What would you do if a Zoo had a view”.It was designed by D.Rindl and the words were produced by Tom Hepper.

The book is like a concertina. The typeface is really creative because there are lot of illustration and fonts used.The book is produced for children as the book has a naive,childish style.

There are cut-outs used with different shapes on top of the typeface.The colour of the typography and illustrations are very colourful and simple formatted.

Invite_Vintage Zoo Birthday Party_DSC_5386.jpg

(Group Discussion:-)

Today I had some good comments about my Riso print.The colour of my Riso print was great as everybody liked it.The green and red worked really well as these colours don’t usually work and I think the art work should be simple and interesting as these was the feedback.

(Small action plan for the submission of my Riso Print )

My plan is to come on Thursday to complete my print.I have planned everything properly for my outcome.I have completed the layout of my outcome.

I have used photoshop to place the text onto a different place and I have enlarged my outcome  as the print needs to be bigger.I will photocopy my outcome in black and white and then I will use text.

Finally ,I will use the Riso to print off my outcome.The colour will be blue and red or green and red


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