Week 8 : Market ready-Making a living

Crowdfunding for Creatives Accelerator

Making a living was quite interesting as I have looked at other people’s work.The first person’s name was Kris as he showed us his work.In my opinion,I found his work quite inspirational as he has a naive,childish style.

The way his children’s book were presented was actually quite interesting.I looked at the layout,design and the way his books were presented in terms of colour and idea.He has told us that his company is called Kick Starter and they do animation and children’s book.He has sold a couple of books,one slogan of his company was called “Do not dump and run”Promote,Promote,Promote.

Kris was telling everybody that his first Kick Starter took about 11 months.Projects that do Kick Starter usually get 20% funding.He was telling everybody that if you design something then you should show a specific message and idea.

The outcome needs to show a specific message and the purpose of doing the job.

Working for Yourself – how to freelance and finding business support Accelerator

The person was telling us that it will be a big challenge to do free lancing.He was giving us advice on how to make a living.

He told that they can organise free mentoring,work-shops and events,lunchtime talks,support work for students.They also work five years with Graduates.They can tell us how to produce a brand.

He also told us that they are flexible to help us on our brands and websites.He was telling us that we should make contacts with other people and that’s how we can make a living.We should have different websites as this would help me to make connections with other people.

How to Set Up a Creative Business & Promote What You Do

The person was giving a range of different in relation to self promotion:

He was telling everybody to do range of different projects like free-lancing,building up a portfolio, producing a website or brand.He told me some strategies to find a job and to have a better career.

(The key elements which I learned from the talk )

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • What makes you different?
  • Why somebody should contact you?
  • Portfolio amazing work!
  • Talk to people that produce amazing work!
  • Make contacts and have connection!
  • Make a website and logo!
  • Manage my time and complete deadlines!
  • Work hard as this pays you off in the industry!

Writing a CV and Interview Techniques:

The careers advisor was telling us to generate a website and to produce a CV.Susanna was telling everybody to have a creative CV as this is which Graphic Designers want to see.She also mentioned to have good interview skills.

The CV has to be professional and simple as the layout needs to be crisp and accurate formatted.

She mentioned to do some volunteering as this would help me to find a job.She told me to be more prepared as I have arranged a time to meet her.

Key elements which I have learnt:

  • learnt how to produce a CV
  • learnt how to get information about jobs
  • made a appointment with the careers advisor
  • got information of specific volunteering jobs

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