Riso testing work-shop and making a blog post of final outcome-4 images to support it and 2 sketches of ideas

I have drawn several ideas for this task as I was asked to draw 2 initial ideas but I couldn’t pick the best idea so I decided to draw 6 different ideas.I think,these ideas are quite playful and for next time I will not use a golden pen but I will use a different pen and paper.




  • Documentation of Riso Print Work-shop

Today we have been testing our outcomes which was printed into green and red.I have used the Solent students art work as I combined my image to their art work.Then I over layered my image and tested out a effective colour which had two colours and I worked as a team.I have chosen different outcomes for my piece which are:

I have chosen these four outcome as they look really colourful and inspirational in relation to my chosen text.I found the smile and laugh of the people in Southampton really cool as this links to these outcomes.I think the orange colour of the screen-print works really well  with the image as it shows a really bright, happy and cheerful style.The screen-print of the building with the image has a link to George Monbiot text.The building works really well with the person as this piece is one of my best outcomes.The colour of the mono print shows a different effect and works really well with the person as yellow and brown match really well.The mono-print was very enjoyable as I haven’t done mono-printing for a long time but I managed to design some really interesting final outcomes.e.g. in terms of colour,concept of idea and the process of mono-prints.I have got a variation of different imagery as I will place in my Riso on these prints.

  • Experiment and Evidence of Riso Print:








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