Pastiche project:Final outcome documentation:

My pastiche video is about William Morris and his style.I have chosen William Morris as he has inspired me with his different colourful patterns.My style and William Morris style is similar e.g.the colours and patterns.I am trying to tell everybody that William Morris style could be developed into digital as I will develop my outcome into William Morris style but I will literally colour the patterns on Photoshop.His personality and style is based on traditional techniques as I am good to use that skill for my final outcome.I can also easily convert my traditionally techniques digitally.My outcome is not abstract but has simple pattern designs and William Morris is not abstract but very flowery.The reason why I produced my outcome into a  William Morris style was that my strength is to copy his style and I like to flow my art skills into a inspiring William style.I like using different colours and textures as William Morris uses the same designs and colours.The way he used different motifs and images are one of my traditionally methods and this is why I chose him for my Practitioner.


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