Collection Project

Today was my first lesson back to University.I have started the project Collection where we looked specifically on typography.I have looked at my peers work where they used simple typography in their art work.They had a interesting composition.I have also looked at Massive Vignelli’s video where he has used a simple typeface as it relates to Helvetica’s style.Then I went to the library to get a typography book and then I discussed with my peers the use of the book e.g. the content of the book,the colour,typography,design and medium.

I found this session useful as I have learnt how to work with typography and I have learnt how to work as a team.Also,I found this session useful as I have looked at the different typefaces in the book as those were very inspiring.I looked at the colour composition in the book as they were simple and they grabbed attention to simplicity.

The things which I need to work on:

  • choose right typefaces for my art work
  • work with harmonious colours for my work
  • have good time management and do a blog post every session.

Photo’s of my peers art work:



Photos of the book “Learn how to use Typography”:







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