Blog post on Rassel-Hot House Talk

Rassel has done a range of different projects.He is a Designer and Illustrator.He studied Illustration.He also did Mark-Making but his style changed to drawings.His main art skill is to experiment with different techniques.His main art skills is to think creatively.He has learnt to come up with complex ideas but he always uses the simplest idea.He used a range of different sequential imagery in his work.He designs Music Video’s.He did a range of different jobs.He has learnt a lot in relation to Graphics.His ability is to take risks.Most of the time,when he designs something, then he doesn’t show the art work straight away.

The things which I have enjoyed and learnt about Rassel:

  • learnt some of his Graphic work
  • enjoyed some of the videos
  • got knowledge about his work
  • learnt some things about Rassel e.g. how to work in the industry
  • got some facts and informations about Rassel

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