Southampton-Workshop creative applications of type to image

This task was quite interesting as we had to experiment with different texts.The first thing which I had to explore was to experiment with different typefaces that are linked to my Images.These experiments are quite simple as I changed some of the colours on Photoshop .I used Photoshop to experiment.

Additionally,underneath of the coloured texts I have produced some more texts which look really interesting in terms of texture and simplicity.I have traced off all the text and produced them onto my own style and version,I have zoomed the text and made the texture really blurry as the typeface had a different style.

All of these texts are traced off and made very simple.Also,I used the photocopying machine to copy the text and to experiment with different sizes.Additionally,I produced a 3d text model which is coloured in red but looks really attractive and I experimented finally with drawings to generate some interesting typefaces.

I coloured them in red,yellow,blue,green and silver.The image and text has been combined through drawing,photocopying and printing as I used different methods e.g.I combined some of the text with images as I photocopied some of the images and then I printed the text onto the images.

Write a paragraph about somebody else-why has it worked?

I liked Katy’s typefaces as she has produced a really simple typeface which was very colourful.The typeface which she used was very clean and when she coloured the typeface into yellow. Her typeface grabbed attention and this is whole point in Graphic Design








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