Workshop Printmaking stencil screen-printing and mono-printing

Text and image has been combined through screen-printing as this is a good technique.The image and the screen-print text works really well as the text is clean and easy to read.The image works well with the text as orange and yellow matches well.The colour of screen-print grabs attention and gives a good feel in combining the image with the screen-print.This work-shop was quite good I have produced some really creative art work and this task was enjoyable as my future plan is to produce different art work into this style e.g. mono printing and screen-printing.

I found this work-shop useful as I want to produce a art work into mono-printing and as this will help me to generate some really creative art work e.g.ideas on buildings and people.

Write a paragraph about somebody who is in my class:

I loved Jennifer’s work as her work was very simple and colourful.I like the way she used the line drawing into the mono-print.Also,her work was inspirational as I have tried to use the same line drawing building into my work and Jennifer gave me advice and feedback.







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