Market Research Week 5 part 2-Visit to the Sunday-upmarket and Research on

There are lot of things which are sold on the sunday-upmarket such as Fashion material,Men clothing and Gift cards etc.There are a range of different customers at the Market who go there and buy things e.g general audience or the market mend to be a platform for designers-makers so they can directly sell to their customers.I have been to the market but unfortunately  I couldn’t take any images because I wasn’t allowed to take any images.The food is obviously not that expensive.I’ve asked a person at the market “how much does fish and chips cost and he said :It costs 4.50.So thats one of the examples.Another thing is that the clothes aren’t that expensive as I brought a jacket which was £30 so that was expensive.

Own fault and problem:

At the market,I wasn’t allowed to take any images but also I didn’t take any images because my Camera was broken and plus my phone had a low battery.However,the thing is that I got a lot of questions and answers done which is good.

Society6 is a website for those people who are interested in Art.However,many people can use it because there is a lot of typography on society6 and many people like typefaces. Generally anybody can use society6 but mostly art students use it.This website involves a lot of illustration,Graphics,Mixed Media,Fashion etc.A lot of paintings have been sold on society6.Below you can see these typefaces which really inspire me and me exciting.



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