(Week 5:) Manipulate Meaning: Kuleshov effect

Kuleshov effects influenced every film and every filmmaker.He can give you a insight of “movie magic”and you get a expression in your project. Kuleshov effects are the single most important concepts to editing and it is fundamental aspect of movie magic as every film maker needs to understand this type of technique .

Lev Kuleshov was a Russian filmmaker and he was born in 1899.Kuleshov always used to say that there are two things which relate to art e.g the material itself and the material which is organised.In 1921,Kulshov set up a series of cinematic demonstrations which were very inspirations and he finally earned his name.He produced a range of different sequences were actors had to change every moment into different times.By manipulating space and time,it was possible to use editing as this was a huge moment for cinema.

Own Reflection:

Today I have learnt a lot about Kuleshov,I have discovered the key information about him as I am interested now to read more art work and this really would help me in the future to be more proactive and reliable.This text was quite good as I have learnt a lot about his work especially the way he edited his work.


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