Week 3 Homework :Sol Sender-Obama Logo Design

For this task,I have learnt a lot about this video,especially how logo’s can be designed and how they can be produced for a campaign.The guy in the video demonstrated some really good features in relation to the industry.

Key points in relation to the Video:

They started their own business and they worked as a team. They worked for many campaigns and most of the time they had change the brands because their clients wanted something else.

They had some really nice creative designs for clients and they made a lot of logos which seemed very unique as this what the world is in the industry.

In the video,I saw a range of different typography designs which communicated a message into a art piece.

In the video,the guy was telling us that every logo has to stand out and has to work otherwise nobody will be interested at the outcome.

Most of the time ,it is good to design something traditionally which can be produced digital,it is good to design Graphics work mixed(Traditionally and Digitally)

I have gained a lot of knowledge in relation to this video.e.g I have learnt the different forms of the industry.I have learnt how to produce a art work which communicate a message .I have gained knowledge in relation to the different structures of the industry e.g I have learnt how the industry works in producing logos.If a logo doesn’t work nobody will be interested.I learnt how to work with different Logo’s which communicate a message as I had a questionnaire which was linked to the Logo’s.I need to be better in designing Logo’s because some of the Logo’s look very busy but I changed some of my designs to make them better and interesting as this wasn’t required in the brief.


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