Blog post Week 4 :Work updated in Sketchbook Feedback from Students

Today I have placed my logos and Mood-boards into my Sketchbook.I have got some good feedback in relation to my logos,mood boards and letter head designs

This Mood-board is in relation to my questions which I produced in Class.Ricardo my teacher has arranged some questions which I had to answer.e.g what is your favourite colour as I arranged one image into the Mood-board which has the colour blue.So this task was more to get ideas and inspiration in relation to my logos,business cards,letter heads and letter comb.This Mood-board is quite useful as I can see the creativity of the images.I can see every image very cartoony and that’s my personal style.

For this task I have had some good comments which are:

  • I got inspiration by looking at other people’s work
  • I have looked at other students work which helped me to get ideas
  • By looking at other peoples work,I have learnt how to improve my work.
  • I have got more ideas,to generate a better Mood-board e.g colour,text and imagery.

Prove of my outcome:These outcomes were photographed from my sketchbook as these images are produced digitally.



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