Week 1 Studio Culture week and Week 2 session Creative Industry Practise

The first task which we did was going through with the project briefs.We had to listen to Ricardo,he was just giving an introduction to the students in relation to the brief.

I understood some of the work but most work was a bit confusion.I found the first task quite good as I learnt to communicate with other students and I listened carefully what Ricardo was saying and from that I found the lesson quite flexible

I understood some of the things which were written in the brief as I have learnt how to break the brief into smaller bits as this is which Ricardo mentioned.

If I have any questions then I always ask questions in class as this is a good learning method.

On the second week, I started developing my ideas in relation to the brief. My first task was to look at different practitioners as Ricardo mentioned.My ideas were strong enough but I wasn’t sure which Practitioner to choose.Then I thought I should read the brief and make some recommondation from the brief.

My plan was to choose a Practitioner which links to my personality style e.g William Morris designs patterns and I have the same drawing style.My ideas became stronger and stronger when I had this session as this is good because now I can develop my drawings in relation to William Morris style as would be really easy to develop.

Key tasks which I have learnt and own reflection:

  • what to bring during the session
  • learnt how to work with other students
  • learnt a lot about different Practitioners
  • learnt how to understand the project brief
  • had a lot of clarification during this session

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