Author and Reporter Text research

I have produced 3 text which include information in relation to George Monbiot ,Owen Hatherly and the history of Southampton.(I have to do more research!)

I have researched some more professional designers like Owen Fatherly,The History of Southampton,The American Wall and I will research some more designers and I will find out key information about them and maybe I will look at their style and the way they produced Graphics.

For this task,I have learnt how to look at different texts which helped me in producing a really good collage.I have learnt how to produce a collage which has a interesting meaning in the relation to the text as this built my upon skills in art.

I have learnt how to improve my ideas as this really helped me to improve my art skills.As a Artist/Graphic Designer you have to come up with ideas and this task really built my confidence in being more creative and committed.I have also included a Mood-board and thumbnails sketches as this was linked to this work-shop.In the end,I have created a new image but I have used one block colour.Finally,I have designed another collage which is linked to the task:

Create 6 new images that tell a narrative from one of your texts. You can’t use words. How do colour, layout, textures, the crops you use help you?Use only collage, drawing characters should be avoided, think of objects










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