(Southampton Trip on Friday)

My visit to Southampton was great as I went to the different places. The first task which  we had to do was to visit the Sultan Studio as this was based at Southampton.

We looked  at other students work at the Studio as they were in the same year as me. Then Susanna organised a talk about the Studio which was in relation to the project brief.  She explained to everybody that we should be doing the work as we need to put all the work into a shared file and then we can get inspired from each other’s art.

Finally we had some nacks and then we went with the other students to visit different locations.Then Susanna ,me and the rest of the people went to see the different locations of Southampton and some person showed us the Historical places of Southampton.

I have done some research from Southampton -look below:I added some really good facts in relation to Southampton,especially the historical content of Southampton as I have learnt a lot about this place and I think it was good to visit this place as I am inspired by the city .It really would be good to design some really good buildings of Southampton as I really liked the different architectural buildings of Southampton.history-of-southampron-design


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