Hot-house talk about Abraham Games

The hot house talk was quite interesting as the lady who did the talk was mentioning a lot of things about his Dad Abraham Games.Abraham Games was a Graphic Designer who did a lot of illustrations.The talk was about his work and the way he designed his work.The lady was mentioning a lot of things about his work as Abraham had a lot of fellow friends who designed art work in the style of him.

Abraham made a lot of Graphic design posters during the war and most of his work is    quite famous and relevant to the industry.

Her daughter who gave a talk showed a range of different posters which had the style of Photoshop.However, Photoshop was not available during that time so Abraham used a different method.

The art work which I have learnt:

  • I have learnt some facts/information about Abraham
  • I have gained my knowledge in relation to the Graphic Design industry .
  • I have learnt the history about Abraham and the things which he enjoyed
  • I’ve got inspired by his work and I want to produce a similar art work



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