Author and Reporter- Workshop on Collage and image generation part 2

This session was about exploring different techniques in relation to my collage task.The work-shop was about Narrative Sequential Imagery where we had to use the rule of thirds method onto a collage.

There was another technique for Emily’s project were we had to produce a collage into the Dignall method which was very simple and hard to understand.

At the beginning of the project,I found it hard to use these methods as I never used them before but one of my friends decided to show me what a Dignall method.So then I tried to use these techniques for my collages which was a very simple method.I have used the images from the internet and I have produced some really creative oil pastel collages as they are really bright and colourful.The first collage is produced by the method ( rule of thirds) and the second collage is produced by a dignall method.


text 1 design portraits.jpg




This metaphor text is quite large as I made it dynamic because I wanted to make it stand out in terms of colour,design and technique.It is my own handwritten text were I used faces and buildings as they specifically communicate the message of Southampton.This text was from Maiden Voyage.However,for my actual text I will use George Monibiot text.The golden black colour looks really cool with the black as black and gold work really well.In my sketchbook,this text is in the middle as  I thought make it stand out in the middle.


This is one of my unsuccessful pieces where actually everything went wrong.This is because I have accidentally mixed all the different colours which don’t look good.




The text of this collage fits well as the yellow colour stands out.It is a small text and hand written I have traced it off but I will change the font into a better typeface.





7. Make 2 images that use the Diagonal Rule

● How are you using this rule to accentuate meaning or challenge the meaning? 2

● Explain next to your illustration – dont write on top of the illustration please

I haven’t done this task as Emily suggested not to do it because this task is too challenging.


(Write a paragraph about another students work)

I have seen Kate’s work as she produced some lovely textured buildings and her text was in relation to the Zoo.I found her work inspiring as she used a lot of textured lines.Also,she used a range of different colours and patterns.Her work was different as she used a range of different shapes.


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