Week 5-La Jeete by Chris Marker

La Jette was produced by Chris Marker.The film is produced in black and white.The film is produced in 1962 and it is a science fiction film.

The colour of the film works really well as these colour seems extremely effective.I am inspired by the colour as black and white works really well .The film is really old as it was produced a long time ago.

The story is about a man marked by an image from his childhood.La Jetee is an experimental time travel film but the still images show the use of time.

The film shows the illusion of time lapse and the movement of the different images This is the opening(the first voice)of Chris Marker’s film.At the beginning of the story,there is a lot of sound used which depicts a really loud fast sound which has been been sang by a few ladies.

There are images used in the film which slightly change each moment.e.g one image is based on a lady where the image stays still and there is another person which tells the story.So there is a image of the lady which stays still and then the men is talking.The film shows a range of different photography elements about the air-port and people as this is part of the story.






(Own Reflection of this task:)

For this project,I had to produce a video which shows photos of the campus,especially the library and the corridor of the university.The topic of this work-shop was about Premiere and this work-shop was to learn specifically the software.The session was 1 hour.Firstly,I toke all the photos and then I uploaded them on the software.I found this session quite useful as I have learnt some of the tools and techniques on Premiere Pro.

The key things which I have learnt:

  • learnt how to upload images
  • learnt how to upload music into the video
  • learnt how to produce the images into sequence
  • learnt how to use effects on Premiere Pro
  • learnt how to export the video

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