(Pastiche 1560-Way Finding-Week 5

Own Reflection about the Way Finding exercise

This workshop was about exploring different ideas for a video which represents a sequence of different photos that have the style of a narrative sequential imagery.This task was quite interesting as I have learned how to work with photos and I have also learnt a bit of Premiere Pro as it was quite straight forward.I have decided for my project to choose William Morris for my Practitioner as this work-shop helped me in understanding the project more in depth.I experimented with a range of photos using Photoshop and I placed each photo into a sequence which was very useful to learn,now I know how to place each image into a sequence as this will help me to generate a interesting outcome.I felt quite confident using the program as some of the softwares are the same.
Way Finding: This work-shop was about exploring ideas for my video.The processes and outcomes have to show development for my Pastiche 1560 sequence.My friends and I started building up a video where had to work as group in Calcutta House.We had to take photos of the different areas at the  University.Additionally, we had to describe from our video’s a small journey from the Computer lab to Calcutta House.We had to consider the journey as we have never been to Calcutta House.In the video,we used images which showed movement and signs which are linked to the University.The images were captured on mobile phones and were shot landscape .My aim was to take 15 images and I toke more which is good.

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