Author and Reporter : First Session about Southampton

Own reflection of the first session at the Studio:

I think,I enjoyed the first session at University as I have learnt a lot this project brief as we looked at the different text which relate to the theme Southampton.

Additionally,it is quite hard to communicate a message in relation to  Southampton because the text is quite hard to design into a collage or any art piece.

It is a challenging project because I need to identify a range of different ideas in relation to this project.

At the beginning of the session it was quite hard to present my work nicely and interesting so then I looked at my colleagues work and their text was creative. When I look at other people’s work,I always become inspirational and passionate.

The task for this session was to get the key information out of the text.I had to find short sentences and find facts about Southampton.

The first session at the Studio was quite good as we discussed  the project brief.  Susanna was quite helpful as we discussed some of the things which were written in the brief.Susanna explained that we have to do the development drawings,processes and final outcomes as this is required in the brief.

Every day when we have a session,I have to write a short summary about every each session,especially they have to link to my ideas,thoughts as I have to reflect about my art work.

Additionally,I have to bring a camera for each session were I can photograph my  art work.I have to come up with ideas and I have to work independently as  I need to experiment with different materials and techniques.I have to document every each stage and especially the work-shops.

For this project,I have to research different Designers and Illustrators who can give me inspiration and ideas for my final outcome.I have to visit Museums/Galleries in relation to the project.I have to include a Bibliography for all my art work.

Susanna’s talk: Emily will have a collage work shop were we will explore ideas and creative image generation which will help us to be more creative and artistic.Susanna will organise a one-to-one tutorial were I can speak to her about my art work or any of my own personal problems.She has mentioned to everybody to present every art work on a blog and sketchbooks.She has also mentioned to use because if there are any problems in relation to any of the assignment ,then is great and depicts a good Tutorial.






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