Project-Market Ready Week 3 Questions and Spider diagram

These questions have helped me in producing some really interesting answers.I never thought I have so many answers in relation to my strengths and weaknesses.

I think this task was good as I have learned how to draw logos and I found this task good   as I have learnt how to become more confident in relation to my strengths.Additionally this task was quite interesting as our teacher gave us some advice in relation to the questions

My drawings  have a lot of patterns which link to my personal style as I incorporated a range of different logo’s  which have patterns and that links to my question “I am good at drawing patterns”by the time I leave University,I have to come up with my own brands which link to my Unique Selling Point.The whole point of this lesson was to produce a brand which has been linked to my personal style as I have designed logos which show branding, strategy and idea generation.

Question 1: What are my strength as a visual communicator?

I enjoy drawing patterns.I am good at using Photoshop and Illustrator as these programmes are good to know,especially for posters,leaflets and logo’s.I am good at drawing logo’s.I am much better now at my illustrations then before.I know how to analyse art work.When I produce art work I can easily communicate the message and idea behind the art work.I have good presentation skills.I have a naive children’s drawing style as I am good at drawing Saul Bass’s style.I am very creative in my art work.I can work as a group as well as on my own.I can easily convert patterns in the style of William Morris.

Question 2: What are your weaknesses?

I am bad at drawing figures.Sometimes I have problems to present ideas nicely into my sketchbook. I have problems sharing my ideas with other people as I am not good to give presentations in front of everybody.I don’t have any confidence in producing my art work.I can’t concentrate when I am at University especially when the teacher is lecturing. I am very forgetful. I am very unorganised.I am bad at listening when the teacher is lecturing. I am bad at following instructions when the teacher is teaching. I am not positive about my career and art work.

What is your favourite colour? Blue

What designers do you like and admire?

  • Saul Bass
  • Paul Rand
  • David Carson
  • Paula Sher
  • Neville Brody
  • Erik Spieker mann
  • Joseph Muller Brock
  • William Morris
  • Hockney
  • Heinz Edelmann

What work do you enjoy doing?

I like to visit Museums and Galleries.I like to draw patterns.I like to sew and draw textiles.I love to attend workshops.I love to use Photoshop.I enjoy going to the Gym and I enjoy reading books about Artists/Designers.

What do you want to do in the future?

I would like to be a Graphic Designer.I would like to teach privately as a teacher at home.I would like to do some freelancing work,maybe working from home and possibly I could try to attend some textiles courses as to get better at drawing and textiles.



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