Week 4 -Group of 6-7 people -Market Ready Spider-diagram

This Mind-Map was produced as a group of 6-7 students.This Mind-map is quite good as I have literally used some of my ideas and this is which I have learnt,most of the time I have problems with ideas but this is the first time that I have used visual ideas in relation to our brand.This task was about our Christmas market research were we have to design a brand that depicts our Unique Selling Point.Our theme is called Labelling Pop Culture which will involve screen-printing.The target audience will be general audience.We will be designing illustrations,maps,cards and posters as this is the whole point of this project.Then when we designed everything we will go independently to the market and do our research.In addition,we have to do a lot of research and idea development for this project.

The things which helped me in the work-shop:

  • learnt how to work in teams
  • prepared how to give presentation
  • be able to communicate ideas
  • have developed some confident
  • produced a great diagram



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